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Breaking news! Group housing scheme coming soon at Burgundy

A new development of 72 houses, each on its own erf and with its own private garden, is on the drawing board for Burgundy Estate Cape Town.

The development will offer a choice of eight different unit types. These include 16 two-bed, two-bath simplexes with single garages, 35 three-bed, two-bath simplex units with double garages and 21 three-bed duplexes with two and a half bathrooms and double garages.

Sizes will range from 101 square metres to 154 square metres, with units priced from R1,575million to R2,3million.

The development, which will be launched in September, will have access control and an internal park for communal enjoyment.

To register your interest and get an invite to the launch contact Brian at Property World on 082 5717024 or email him at brian@propertyworld.co.za


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