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Century City Connect launches new Fibre-To-The-Home packages

Century City Fibre Optic Packages

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) tied in with Century City Connect, the company which operates a carrier neutral “last mile” open-access fibre optic network in the burgeoning Century City precinct, have launched an exciting range of Fibre-To-The-Home (FTTH) packages for residents.


Residents connected to the Century City Connect network can now choose between line speeds of 10Mbps, 20Mbps, 50Mbps and 100Mbps.


Since its inception four years ago, Century City has employed cutting-edge, innovative technology to provide world-class, open-access fibre-optic connectivity which has propelled Century City into the First World digital age.


Operations manager Hein de Swardt said the relatively easy access to these FTTH packages placed Century City in a league of its own and was proving to be a huge drawcard attracting new residents to the precinct.


“Providing FTTH is normally an expensive exercise as there are huge installation fees to homes – single users outside of Century City can expect to pay a once-off installation fee of up to  R15 000 to get fibre installed to their home.


“This is not the case at Century City as we have rolled out an open access fibre network in Century City taking fibre to all new commercial and residential developments which greatly reduces the cost and time to activate individual users’ connections. We are not charging ISPs a connection fee for residential circuits and trust that they pass this saving on to the clients.”


De Swardt said that new residential customers could be connected to the network within five working days after signing up with an Internet Service Provider if fibre was available in their complex.


He said while fibre was automatically being taken to all new residential developments they were also retrofitting some of the older developments at the request of body corporates.


For further details on Century City Connect and how to get connected email info@centurycityconnect.com or telephone 08611 CONNECT or 021-250-0100.

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