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Century City Connect



Employing leading-edge, innovative technology, Century City Connect provides world-class, open-access fibre- optic internet connectivity in Century City that has propelled the development into the First World digital age.

Believed to be the first such network of its kind in South Africa, Century City Connect is a carrier neutral ‘last mile’ network over which 16 Internet Service Providers, including all of the country’s leading ISPs, offer their services.

Business Users

Century City is home to a large network of diverse businesses, large and small, creating a huge demand for up-to-date, modern technology.

In an age of online and digital prominence, where most business is conducted over the internet, through email and even video conferencing, each business needs to know they can depend on the most efficient network connection.

Home Users

Thousands of families live, work, shop and play in the development’s integrated new urban estate. Century City Connect enhances this enviable lifestyle with cutting-edge, fibre-optic internet connectivity in Century City.

A number of residential developments are now connected, they include Little Moorings, Quayside, Quaynorth, The Residences at Crystal Towers, Ashton Park, Mayfair and Waters Edge. All future developments will be equipped with fibre optic infrastructure.




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