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Century City Connect’s new jacket

Century City Connect’s new jacket
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This article was first featured in our exclusive digital magazine, Rabie on the Go, May 2022 edition.

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“By using the experience, we gained in Century City as pioneers in our field, we can expand our offering with success to other developments and areas, with the aim of being first to market.” Hein de Swardt, Executive at Century City Connect, said in October 2020.

With a steadfast view on the future and spreading its wings beyond the city of Cape Town, Century City Connect has worked tirelessly towards its goal of expansion and is now active not only elsewhere in the Western Cape, but in several provinces across South Africa.

“By extending our network beyond Century City, the time has arrived to also change our name and identity”, says De Swardt.  “Our name served us well over the last decade and its origins will forever remain the foundation of the company, however, we believe that a fresh new start is vital in terms of our expansion strategy.  After a lengthy process of deliberating what the name and brand identity will look like to carry us into the next decade, we decided on Thinkspeed.  When you think of fibre, you think of speed, and we wanted to represent the idea of a blink of an eye or the snap of a finger.”

Century City Connect’s rebranding exercise to Thinkspeed is currently taking place, which includes its website, e-mails and other digital aspects.

“We are not restructuring, changing ownership or meddling with our current formula or business model,” explains De Swardt. “Rebranding to Thinkspeed is all about establishing a brand beyond the perimeters of Century City.”

“We are very excited about our new identity. It’s a symbol of new unchartered waters to cross and new levels to rise to. The faster, the better!”

Hein de Swardt, Executive
Hein de Swardt, Executive

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Visit the website: https://centurycityconnect.com or contact 08611 CONNECT | (021) 250 0100



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