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Working smart in Century City

Century City's bridgewater precinct
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This article was first featured in our exclusive digital magazine, Rabie on the Go, May 2022 edition.

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“Working from home is only ideal for a select few, and even then, the loss of physical interaction with people, maintaining a company culture and sense of united vision becomes challenging.”  In the September 2021 edition of ROTG, Colin Anderson, COO at Rabie cited that he believed that people would return to offices, whether in a permanent or hybrid format.

Within a few months into 2022, the “new normal” office arrangement is undergoing a throwback moment, with many companies expecting to see their employees make an appearance at the office.  Many large corporates are now insisting on hybrid working models, withdrawing from their more bullish permanent work from home outlook a year ago.

“We are definitely seeing a revival in interest of our office space,” says Anderson.  “Since October last year, we have concluded 18 new lease agreements to the value of around R81m over 7 000m², with current negotiations taking place for space of over 4 000m².”

Cape Town’s office market has shown the highest activity ratings in 2021 among South Africa’s six major metros. FNB’s Property Broker Survey defines “activity” as indications of interest in buying or selling – inquiries or viewings related to potential buying or listing – through to actual transaction levels.  The survey further indicates that there are two major trends influencing increased uptake in the city: semigration fueled by unrests in KZN and Johannesburg and entrepreneurs who are choosing to set up shop in Cape Town due it being seen as a major lifestyle city.*

With Rabie’s office space concentrated in the Bridgeways precinct, its allure is the proximity of restaurants, coffee shops, fitness offerings in a safe environment, together with prime office space in green star rated buildings.

Sable Park
Sable Park won SAPOA's award for best office development in 2019
Sable Corner
Sable Corner offers panoramic views

“Our most recently completed development, Bridgewater, is currently being assessed for its mixed-use As Built Design rating,”  says Anderson. “We trust that it will follow in the footsteps of Century City Square, which was awarded a 4-star Green Star mixed-use rating by the GBCSA, the first of its kind in South Africa. That will take the tally up to 13 Green Star buildings that Rabie has developed in Century City, something we are very proud of.”

Environmental sustainability is a key element for Century City, Cape Town’s smart city. One of Century City’s five smart city segments is Smart Environmental Sustainability, which focuses on growing and developing responsibly. Therefore, green building principles form a significant part of achieving the goals set out by Century City.  Through creating an environment where people can walk and cycle, carbon emissions are reduced. Energy efficiency, water efficiency and smart ways of managing waste are all part of the Century City daily way of life.

Bridgewater Block 1
Bridgewater Block 1

“Offering a modern, green, and convenient location in an environment such as Century City, goes a long way in ensuring that unique selling point. In addition, we’re selling a balanced lifestyle that is real and tangible.”

“The debate continues around the benefits of returning to the office. Smart employers realise that for employees, it’s about a lot more than providing just a desk and a chair.  They need to get their employees’ buy-in to returning to the office, whether it’s full time or only a few days a week.  Offering a modern, green, and convenient location in an environment such as Century City, goes a long way in ensuring that unique selling point.  In addition, we’re selling a balanced lifestyle that is real and tangible.”

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*Source: Business Insider

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