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Brightening up Joe Slovo

The external walls of the Paradesi Place of Safety for Orphans and Vulnerable Children and adjoining playground in Joe Slovo Park are a lot brighter thanks to the combined efforts of staff from Rabie Property Group and the Century City Property Owners’ Association.

The group of around 60 Picasso wannabes undertook the painting in shifts throughout the day last Friday. They had initially intended doing this as part of their 67 minute pledge for Mandela Day but were rained out and decided to postpone the painting and instead make hundreds of sandwiches and treat packs that they then distributed to an orphanage, crèche and other hungry children in Joe Slovo in Milnerton on Mandela Day July 18.

The painting was organised by the NGO, Clean C., paint walls, containers and a playground for the Masikuleleke crèche and Paradesi Place of Safety for Orphans and Vulnerable Children in the township on Friday for their 67 minutes for Mandela this year.

Gregory  Player, a director of the NGO Clean C which organised the painting, said what stood out for him was the team spirit and laughter shared by the group.

“While it was a smallish project that started off with the wrong paint it ended off well with everyone contributing.

“Seeing the smiles on the teachers’ and kids’ faces when they came to look at the wall was incredibly special.

“A number of members of the community commented on the wall and asked to get involved in future projects.”

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