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Century City: a vibrant precinct

Rabie On The Go 2023 | CC Hotel
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This article was first featured in our exclusive digital magazine, Rabie on the Go, JUNE 2023 edition.

Read the full Rabie on the Go here: ROTG JULY 2023

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“An integral component of our three-to-five-year plan for the Bridgeways precinct is the magnificent Ratanga Park. Beyond the creation of the park, our vision extends to providing individuals with the opportunity to wake up in this picturesque setting every morning and immerse themselves in an exceptional lifestyle. We have invested R100m into this idyllic oasis, which serves as the focal point for the upcoming developments along its perimeter, with our pioneering mixed-use project, Bridgewater, leading the way. Following Bridgewater, Nine Palms became the first apartment building to grace the ex-Ratanga Junction site. As we move forward, all future developments will benefit from the captivating allure of Ratanga Park, allowing residents and visitors to witness and experience the envisioned lifestyle first-hand, without the need for any imagination.”

Mariska Auret, Director

Rabie On The Go 2023 | Ratanga Development Map

“If you’re looking for a lifestyle that’s both convenient and sustainable, living in Century City’s 15-minute city might just be the perfect fit for you,” says Auret. “Here we aim to enhance social connections by creating a vibrant and diverse precinct that facilitate social interactions, community engagement, and a sense of belonging. Furthermore, designs such as that of On Park, where the building connects with the surrounding park and flows out into a landscaped courtyard, also inspires a sense of belonging.”

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Rabie On The Go 2023 | Cent City
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Nine Palms

Rabie On The Go 2023 | Nine Palms 2

Nine Palms launched in May 2022 and is currently under construction.  Residents can look forward to enjoying the smart city lifestyle from the beginning of 2024.

“Nine Palms was very well received from the start,” says Auret. “We had record sales at launch, with the last unit of 131 sold before topping out on the structure in March this year.”

Its three blocks envelop a central landscaped parking courtyard and magnificent large private north-west facing garden, showcasing the existing nine feature palm trees of the old Ratanga Junction entrance, connecting directly to a new public piazza on the revitalized urban wharf edge.

These nine palm trees, more than 20 years in age, form the centrepiece and identity of the design of the development, adding real value to both the private and public spaces.

On Park

Rabie On The Go 2023 | On Park 2

“On Park, is the second apartment block nestled between Century Boulevard and Ratanga Park and we are delighted to present this unique residential address to the market.” says Auret.

On Park will consist of 121 apartments, which includes several studios, one-bedroom and two-bedroom units.  The top floor boasts penthouses with panoramic views over the park and towards Cape Town’s CBD and Table Mountain.

Like Nine Palms, On Park will feature sustainable design aimed at EDGE certification which includes green energy initiatives, sustainable water solutions such as recycled effluent for irrigation, reduced utility costs and water-wise landscaping.

Building features include full back-up power to all common areas and all apartments, which means that load shedding will not affect residents.  Every apartment also has fibre-to-the-Home pre-installed, and the building has access control and CCTV in addition to Century City’s smart safety & security measures.

On Park is selling now. Visit the website:  www.onpark.capetown

Office space is in high demand

Sable Corner

“Following the significant office exodus caused by the shift to remote work, all of our newly constructed office vacancies in Bridgewater were filled by January of this year,” reports Auret. “Although a few additional vacancies arose in the precinct as some corporates downsized their space, these were swiftly taken up.”

Due to the high demand for office space in the node, we have decided to embark on the development of more office facilities. The first addition will be an 8 000m2 building located adjacent to the Rapid Transport Interchange (RTI) off Ratanga Road. This four-story building, designed by Bam Architects, will provide approximately 2,000m2 per floor and will offer both basement and open parking bays. We are aiming to complete this project by the second quarter of 2025.

In addition to this development, we are excited to announce our plans for three office buildings on the Ratanga Park side, boasting a combined size of approximately 10,000m2. These buildings will be targeted towards the premium market, with the aim of achieving 4-star green star ratings. Further details regarding delivery dates will be provided in due course.

Continuing our commitment to enhancement of the perimeter of the park, Vivid architects will be entrusted with the design of these buildings. Their expertise will ensure that we create modern, sustainable, and visually striking structures that seamlessly integrate into the Century City environment.

Auret concludes, “By offering a contemporary, environmentally friendly, and conveniently located space within the vibrant Century City, we solidify our unique selling point. Moreover, we are selling a harmonious and well-balanced lifestyle that is both tangible and authentic.”

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