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Century City living : “Walkable” communities good for health and wealth

The concept of a “walkable neighbourhood” where all amenities are in easy walking distance has truly come to life at Century City and is a key factor behind the rapid sell-out of recent residential developments, says John Chapman a director of the developers, Rabie Property Group.

“In fact our three latest residential projects all sold out more than a year ahead of completion with the most recent, Mayfair comprising 136 apartments worth over R200million, selling out within days.

“And there is no doubt Mayfair’s close proximity to Canal Walk Shopping Centre was a major contributing factor to the swift sales as was the case with Quaynorth and Quayside while Ashton Park’s close proximity to the Curro Private School was a major selling point for that development.”

Century City living

Chapman said while all aspects of Century City were in easy walking distance of each other, it had become evident that buyers were prepared to pay a premium for homes in close walking distance of certain amenities at Century City.

He said “walkable” neighbourhoods and cities where all amenities are in easy walking distance not only reduces driving, associated emissions and living costs but research has now shown they are also good for one’s health.

“A recent article in Better Cities and Towns highlighted three important studies published in the United States during 2014 which examined different aspects of compact, walkable and mixed–use neighbourhoods and cities and compared these to published government health data.

“These studies all found that these communities which encourage walking were strongly associated with reduced rates of obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes.

“The researchers said the results held up even when the studies were controlled to eliminate other factors that could facilitate good health such as age, gender, income and educational attainment.”

Chapman added that not only were walkable communities good for one’s physical health but they also represented good investments as demand for these properties were definitely on the rise.

“We can see this not only in our new development sales but also in terms of the swiftness investors are able to secure a tenant or on sell their properties in Century City.

“And another thing, there is no doubt that walking around your community brings you in touch with other members of your community which improves both community comradery and general awareness and these factors in turn help improve security”

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