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May 20, 2011

Century City residential : Energy saving measures a big hit with buyers

An increasing number of purchasers of free-standing homes on Waterstone Isles at Century City are opting for solar heating.

Nicola Aschmann, client liaison officer, said of the last 30 purchasers who had bought off plan at Waterstone Isles, 15 had opted for solar heating.  “There is no doubt the cost of electricity and the need to go green are becoming increasingly important considerations for home owners.”

Ashman said energy efficient systems were also being installed in Rabie’s latest residential development at Century City, Little Moorings.  “Rather than individual geysers in the apartments, two tanks will be placed on the roof of the building. These will be heated with a pump system with water being circulated through a condenser which will heat the water and the heated water then circulated around the building into each unit.  This system is up to four times more efficient than a standard geyser/element system which takes 1KW of electricity to produce 1KW of heat.  With the heat pump system you get between 3.5 – 4 KW of heat for 1KW of electricity.  In addition there are no geysers in the units which lowers the risk of units flooding due to geyser bursts.  In addition, the home owners do not have to hassle with replacing elements and thermostats which are common problems even with new geysers.”  She said the hot water will be metered and individual owners charged for the hot water they use.

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