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June 6, 2022

Oasis Life: A retirement destination of choice

Oasis Life: A retirement destination of choice

This article was first featured in our exclusive digital magazine, Rabie on the Go, May 2022 edition.

Read the full Rabie on the Go here:  ROTG May 2022

“We’re currently selling the last phase of Oasis Life Clara Anna Fontein,” says Mariska Auret, Project Director responsible for the estate.  “It has been an incredible journey since our launch of this development and the Oasis Life brand at the end of 2018, to where we are now.  To have over a hundred residents thriving in the estate three years later is a dream come true.  To see how happy they are, how living at Oasis Life has changed their lives is very rewarding. This is why we do what we do.  And it’s mainly through the residents’ word of mouth that we are experiencing a demand for houses – we can’t seem to build them fast enough!”

Clara Anna Fontein’s retirement estate will contain only 126 houses, with only 21 left for sale.  The last phase is currently under construction, with estimated completion date in the first half of 2023.

With this estate thriving, and its sister development in Burgundy Estate already boasting a happy and settled community, Rabie’s life rights venture is taking shape, with future expansion a key strategic focus.

“Building retirement homes is very different from any other residential development.  This is someone’s last home, and the decision is by its nature, an emotional one. It’s important to respect the process of decision making and to treat the transition in a very caring and sensitive manner.” says John Chapman, Director. “With Oasis Luxury Retirement in Century City, we built high-rise luxury apartments on a sectional title basis, and it was a run-away success.  In many aspects, we took lessons learned from that experience through to Oasis Life, yet a life right-based development is an entirely different matter that requires a unique approach.”

“Whereas we have extensive experience in building and selling a scheme into a Sectional Title or Homeowner’s Association model, we remain involved in a life right retirement development.  We had to adapt our thinking, as we now had to offer more than just a home. We have to offer a lifestyle.  As a result, we brought our expert hospitality team on board to manage the operations of Oasis Life and the team has been fantastic in managing very high expectations.”

Launched at the end of October, the second phase of the secure retirement estate in Burgundy Estate is under construction.

“Our phase one stand-alone houses are sold out, and we have a few apartments for sale which can be occupied immediately,” says Miguel Rodrigues, Project Director responsible for the estate.  “Construction on the second phase houses and first four cottages are well underway.  The cottage is a new product we developed, which is an intermediate between a house and an apartment.  It’s on the ground floor with its own garden, but is not too big to manage, especially for a single person.”

With features like a 24/7 manned gatehouse, a Clubhouse with deli and regular events arranged by the Oasis Life management team, Burgundy Estate’s 45 residents have already established a happy community, with social events and a walking club arranged by the residents in addition to what the Clubhouse offers.

An undercover swimming pool, mini-gym and laundry available soon, the offering and amenities are growing and being improved upon as the community matures.

“We will be launching the first phase of Oasis Life Century City later this year,” says Auret.  “With low-rise luxury apartments on the bank of Ratanga Park’s water body, retirees will be able to enjoy the best of modern urbanism, where every modern convenience is at their fingertips.  Combined with the beauty of the water and birdlife that will be establishing in the area, not to mention fantastic views of Table Mountain, this development is set to be a very special one.”

Launching in 2023, Oasis Life will also be expanding into Cape Town’s Southern suburbs.

Auret explains the journey of Oasis Life Constantia thus far. “The Herzlia Constantia School issued a Request for Proposal in 2021 for the redevelopment of most of their site in Kendal Road.  After a long and rigorous open tender process, with an independent committee carefully following due process, assessing each offer put forward, Rabie was the successful applicant. We were delighted that our proposal stood out as delivering value to the community more than any other proposal received.”

“With the insight of a team of professionals and consultants, and in keeping with the beauty and peacefulness of the area, Rabie will be developing and opening a retirement village on the land, called Oasis Life Constantia.  A small section of the land has been retained for the Herzlia Kerem Pre-Primary campus. The retention of the Constantia Hebrew Congregation in close proximity to the school is very important to United Herzlia School and they will be comfortably accommodated in this new section of their remaining property. The consent use application for public comment closed on 5 May and we are currently working through the reponses.”

Its sights set high; Oasis Life is slowly but surely establishing itself as a retirement destination of choice.

“The most rewarding part of developing Oasis Life is the difference we are making to someone’s life,” concludes Auret. “To witness that beyond the initial hesitation and fear of such massive life change, there is joy and absolute happiness, is very fulfilling. To know that what we are creating contributes positively towards someone’s golden years, truly transforming their lives, adds incredible value to all involved.”

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