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October 16, 2020

Sable Corner, Century City’s new office gem

Sable Corner curved facade evening

Sable Corner, Century City’s new beauty, stands distinctly alongside Sable Road, its unique curved façade visible from the N1 highway.  Recently completed, Sable Corner offers prime office space in the Bridgeways Precinct node, known for its sophisticated commercial offering and home to Discovery, MTN, Absa and other blue-chip companies.  In conjunction with the Century City Conference Centre and Hotel, the node has grown into a sought-after business destination in Cape Town.

Sable Corner not only has a superb exterior facade, it also boasts green building principles such as energy efficient lighting, double glazing that aids in internal solar and heat reduction, recycled treated effluent which is used in toilets and the irrigation system, and a floor plate design which allows for optimisation of natural light, thereby reducing the requirements for electrical lighting.  The building also has a powerful back-generator of 400Kv, which can run the entire building.

“We are ecstatic to present our newly completed, Sable Corner office building, with the recent milestone of Practical Completion being achieved.” says Michael Dickinson, Project Manager at Rabie. “This has been a fantastic project to be a part of, working alongside a young, competent professional team and one that I have learnt a tremendous amount from.”

Designed by dhk architects, Derek Henstra, Executive Chairman says of the project, “Sable Corner is a new gateway building into Century City and it forms part of a very sensitively designed urban precinct, which also consists of some of Cape Town’s most beautiful contemporary buildings. It plays an important role as a gateway building as it’s the bookend to a series of new buildings that are being built at the moment. The pure simplicity of its architecture and shape lends itself to great special efficiency and natural light, but I think the most important aspect of that sweeping façade is that it “sweeps” you into Century City, but more importantly, it acknowledges a 180-degree view of Table Mountain and Table Bay, which is arguably one of the best views in Cape Town.”

When asked about the highlights of the project, Shadrack Duze, WBHO contracts manager says, “The curved façade was the most unique feature of this project.  We had to make sure that everything lined up to achieve the curve – from the surveyor, to the concrete placing guys, who managed to achieve a great result in record time.”

Like most developments, this one was not without its unique challenges.  “Due to the position of the site and its proximity to the water table, the conditions of the ground were very wet when we started construction. This initial portion took much longer than expected due to the excavation of the double basement and we then had to accelerate to catch up with the programme.” Says Mhpo Mputle, WBHO site agent.  “In terms of highlights, we were privileged to have a lot of space around the site to work with, which made logistics just so much easier – a contractor’s dream!  Furthermore, the unitised system of the beautiful, curved façade was exciting to install and we were able to do that relatively quickly, thanks to the design thereof.”

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