Sinenjongo, Sinenjongo High School excels in 2019 matric results,

Sinenjongo High School excels in 2019 matric results

On a joyous day for matriculants across the country, it was a hive of great anticipation and jubilation as results were confirmed and certificates handed out at Sinenjongo High School in Joe Slovo Park, which Rabie Property Group has taken under its wing since 2008.

2019’s 146 learners achieved 53 Bachelors’ passes, 32 Diploma passes and 29 Higher Certificate passes. This is in stark contrast to 2008 when the school’s pass rate was a mere 27% of only 45 learners in the final year. Since then, Sinenjongo has equipped many young people with excellent education – the greatest boost towards a brighter future.

Siyamtanda Mtyeku, the school’s top student, achieved distinctions in all seven subjects and an 85% aggregate.

“This is such an overwhelming day for me! First and foremost: a special thank you to my parents and guardian for their love and support” says Siyamtanda. “I came to Sinenjongo High School from the Eastern Cape in grade 10 as a shy boy, determined to keep my head down and concentrate on my studies. Having been taught in Afrikaans for nine years, I had to adapt to being taught predominantly in Xhosa, which was a challenge at the beginning. However, as time went by and with the support of everyone around me, I gained so much confidence in who I am and what I am capable of. Without any family in Cape Town, Mrs Nopote our headmistress, is like a second mother and I am extremely grateful for her impact in my life. With her support and personal attention, I became more determined to excel and spent long hours at the school, giving it my all.”

He continues, “After each exam we would have a one-on-one feedback session in Mrs Nopote’s office and she would first be tough on me, before giving compliments. She instilled in me that my goal should always be to achieve 100% and then, to keep it there.”

Siyamtanda has been accepted at the University of Cape Town to commence with medical studies at the end of the month.

Kamva Ndovane achieved the second highest marks with four distinctions and an aggregate of 80%, unfortunately missing out on two distinctions by only one percent each. He is planning to study mechanical engineering at the University of Cape Town.  The student with the third best results is Snalo Mdludlu, with one distinction and a 73% aggregate.


Sinenjongo, Sinenjongo High School excels in 2019 matric results,

From left to right: Siyamtanda Mtyeku (top student), Mrs Nopote (Headmistress), Kamva Ndovane (second place), Snalo Mdludlu (third place)


“I am very proud of what our students have achieved” says Mrs Nopote, headmistress and pillar of the community of Joe Slovo Park. “I am especially pleased with Siyamtanda’s results – he is a very humble and hard-working learner and I am certain that he will continue to do great things.”

Sinenjongo achieved a 78% pass rate and even though lower than anticipated, the school continues to grow from strength to strength and is looking forward to improved results in 2020.


Sinenjongo, Sinenjongo High School excels in 2019 matric results,


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